Civil Litigation

Whether it is commercial loans, consumer loans, mortgages, unpaid invoices, other trade credit, or other kinds of loans - the task of collecting amounts owed can be difficult for creditors without effective legal representation.

When it comes to collecting debts, whether secured or unsecured, Virsa Law Group has the extensive experience our clients need to recover what is owed. Our combination of experience, effectiveness, and value makes Virsa Law Group a regular choice as counsel for all manner of creditors, including large corporations, and small businesses.

Typical matters managed by our collection team include:

  • Proceedings for the recovery of lines of credit, and other personal loans
  • Residential and commercial foreclosures
  • Realization on security to recover on secured debts
  • Claims by all types of businesses to recover payment for goods sold or services rendered
  • General advice regarding bankruptcy and insolvency matters

A dispute concerning property or a real estate transaction presents challenges for both a purchaser and a vendor. Fortunately, the experienced real estate lawyers at Virsa Law Group can help.

We are lawyers who are dedicated to solving even the most complicated real estate disputes by the most cost-effective means possible, whether by trial or by alternative dispute resolution.

Our lawyers have experience in resolving all types of real estate disputes, including:

  • Disputes arising from purchase and sale contracts
  • Commercial and residential landlord and tenant disputes 
  • Disputes arising from undisclosed deficiencies in property, and other claims for fraudulent and negligent misrepresentation
  • Issues concerning charges registered against title to real property, including certificates of pending litigation, caveats, liens, and other encumbrances
  • Disputes with respect to easements, rights of way, and statutory building schemes