Real Estate

For your land development legal needs, Virsa Law Group is here to understand your objective and get the job done. Our experienced team is deeply rooted in Surrey and the Fraser Valley to assist you in your development activity.

Our team of professionals is here to help you with:

  • Preparing development, subdivision, and other agreements
  • Drafting cost-sharing agreements, easements, restrictive covenants, rights of way, building schemes, joint use agreements
  • Land title subdivisions
  • Preparation and filing of disclosure statements
  • Registering strata plans and by-laws
  • Obtaining municipal approvals and permits
  • Stratification of Existing Buildings

Our Commercial Real Estate and Leasing team has extensive experience assisting our clients in real estate-related matters in Surrey and the Fraser Valley. In this regard, we advise business owners, landlords, tenants, and developers on commercial real estate matters such as buying and selling property, financing, and leasing.

We advise clients in the areas of acquisition and disposition, financing, leasing, and development.

In particular, we can assist you with:

  • Commercial real estate acquisitions and dispositions
  • Leases and subleases of land and equipment
  • Drafting standard form leases and related documents
  • Assignment and surrender of leases
  • Registration of leases
  • Advice on lease defaults

Our residential real estate team is here to provide you with a breadth of services throughout the acquisition, sale, or refinancing of your residential property. Virsa Law Group’s skilled conveyancing team will oversee and guide you throughout the process whether you are buying or selling a house, townhouse or condominium.

We take the time and care to define your needs, clarify the procedure, and prepare all relevant documents to ensure your transaction is completed seamlessly.

Our residential real estate team is well versed in:

  • Drafting and reviewing purchase and sale agreements
  • Reviewing mortgage documentation
  • Advising on matters relating to title (including investigation and reporting on covenants, liens, judgments, easements, rights of way, permits, charges, and other potential encumbrances or issues that affect buyers and sellers)
  • Preparing Closing Documents

Leaning on our expertise means you enjoy peace of mind knowing we will protect your interests and ensure you have a consistent and comprehensive understanding of your real estate transactions.