Wills and Estates

When faced with a dispute about a loved one’s will or estate, the lawyers at Virsa Law Group are here to resolve such a dispute to achieve the best outcome. Families can become embroiled in disagreements as parents or loved ones become vulnerable following their passing. Appreciating that these can be trying times, we bring our knowledge and experience to act in your best interests.

Wills Variation

A will can be challenged in British Columbia for many reasons. We at Virsa Law Group can assist you in disputes involving whether a document is a Will, whether a Will is valid, interpreting a Will, and whether the Will is fair in distributing the estate. A will-maker has a legal obligation to make adequate provisions for their surviving spouse and children. If you believe that appropriate distributions have not been made, reach out to Virsa Law Group so we can take the next steps to ensure you are receiving your entitlement.

In addition, we are here to help you:

  • Challenge the transfer of assets, including bank accounts or land
  • Claims relating to inappropriate conduct of a trustee, executor, or attorney
  • Defending claims brought against you concerning an estate or trust

No matter what the matter is, the team at Virsa Law Group is here to assist you through the toughest times by helping you put your best foot forward.

The power of a will allows you to decide how you would like to shape your legacy. We are here to assist you in developing your estate plan so you can have peace and comfort knowing that those you love are taken care of. We are here to draft documents to ensure your assets are distributed according to your intentions in the most tax-efficient manner.

Will preparation and Planning your Estate

Whether your estate requires complex planning for your business or a modest will for you and your significant other, we are here to provide you with the tools required to plan your estate. We are here to assist you with:

  • Avoiding probate fees
  • Minimizing taxes
  • Avoiding litigation
  • Dividing and safeguarding assets

We can assist in protecting your assets so they are managed as you wish. Options such as joint tenancies or alter ego trusts can also be explored so your estate is protected. Alongside preparing a will, we also offer services in probating wills.

Powers of Attorney and Representation Agreements

Whether it is for the management of your affairs in your absence or preparation in the event you are no longer able to speak for yourself, a power of attorney and a representation agreement can help others help you. We are here to put your mind at ease by giving a trusted person the legal authority to make decisions for your property and finances.

At Virsa Law Group, we can help you execute a power of attorney and a representation agreement that is perfect for you.


Trusts are legal arrangements between three parties: the one who creates the trust, the one who manages the trust assets, and the one who receives the assets. Trusts ensure that assets are properly managed for those who aren’t ready or able to manage them and provide flexibility for the timing of distributions.

Families who have children with disabilities, a business they want to pass on to the next generation, or children under the age of 19 will want to plan carefully and ensure that their estate is managed by someone who is trusted and capable until a certain point in time.

Our experienced team at Virsa Law Group is there for you to assist and guide you through the process.